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BIELENDA NATURAL COSMETICS is an European brand, that has been manufacturing the best quality natural cosmetics for face and body care for over 30 years. Bielenda it is are a modern company that believes that the most comprehensive, as well as safe and skin-friendly care is provided by cosmetics based on natural active ingredients. Today, the company's offer includes over 400 of the best quality products targeted at both - individual and professional customers. All cosmetics, from the moment of the idea to the final product, are created at the company's headquarters in Poland, Europe. In the Research and Development Department, a team of creative technologists and cosmetologists develop increasingly better formulas based on current trends. Company makes sure that the cosmetics are the highest quality - they are effective, efficient and safe, which is why our products are subjected to rigorous researches and laboratory tests. All products are natural and cruelty free.

Bielenda is one of the leaders of the Polish markets of retail and professional cosmetics in Poland. Products are available in over 44 countries all over the world such as Iran, Kuwait, the USA, Russia, Canada, South Korea and Hong Kong.